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Herbicide Class Action Lawsuit Hits Alabama

Citizens of Alabama can now be involved in the lawsuit over herbicides via the chemical PARAQUAT. Paraquat is known as one of the leading chemicals directly linked to cause Parkinson’s Disease, tremors and other dangerous health conditions. Most common herbicide names for Paraquat are Gramoxone, Syngenta, For more information please Contact the Ifediba Law Group… read more

Car Accidents in Alabama Without Driver’s Insurance

Every driver in Alabama must show proof of financial responsibility or insurance. Purchasing automobile insurance establishes that the driver can pay for the damages if he or she causes an accident. Alabama is a fault-based car insurance state, meaning the driver at fault for a collision will have to pay for victims’ losses. All drivers… read more

Alabama Hit-and-Run Laws

Hitting a person or vehicle while driving and running away from the scene is unethical and illegal in the state of Alabama. Unfortunately, it is also a relatively common crime. A driver may commit a hit-and-run to get out of paying for a victim’s damages or to avoid criminal charges if the driver was breaking… read more

What Happens if You Drive Without Car Insurance in Alabama?

The other name for automobile insurance is proof of financial responsibility. This defines the purpose of auto insurance: to give the vehicle owner the ability to pay for damages in a Birmingham car accident. Purchasing auto insurance is a requirement in almost every state. Failing to purchase and maintain the correct categories and amounts of… read more

What to Do If You’re Hit With Debris on the Highway?

Not all auto accidents are vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Some crashes involve factors such as potholes, animals crossing or debris. Debris could cause a fatal car accident by striking or penetrating a driver’s windshield, interfering with a driver’s ability to see the road, or forcing the driver to veer out of the way. If flying debris or… read more